Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Angus King Slams Final Nail in Assault Weapons Ban Coffin

HT: Politico 

The renewed push for the 90's era assault weapons ban is quickly loosing steam in the Senate, as not only has it failed to receive any Republican support whatsoever, but the Democratic caucus is turning against it in favor of a compromise package proposed by Senator Chuck Schumer.

It was not surprising to see pro-gun Democrats such as Joe Manchin and Harry Reid turn against Senator Feinstein's proposal, but the surprising defection of Independent Senator Angus King over the weekend all but guarantees the defeat of this legislation in the Senate, although it was unlikely of ever passing the House.

King, an Independent Senator from Maine who caucuses with the Democrats, said he's leaning against it because he wants to focus on "the functionality, not the looks." And that it's too easy someone could avoid the ban by simply altering the appearance of the gun - and that he would rather support what would work, such as universal background checks and maybe magazine limits. 

While I'm not exactly celebrating King's other gun-related policies, the fact he's against the worst proposal submitted since the fight over gun control reignited a few months ago, due to skepticism about the effectiveness of an assault weapons ban, all but guarantees a major defeat for a gun control crowd looking to capitalize on the massacre of little children for their political agenda.

Statistically, the assault weapons ban would never have passed the Senate in the first place, but I now feel symbolically victorious as the final nail in the legislation's coffin is by a Senator such as Angus King, an Independent elected-Democrat caucused Senator, simply due to common sense...

What say you?

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  1. This proposal was ridiculous and reactionary to begin with. If you take time to look,on your own, into the shootings that started this conversation, you'll find suspicious and conflicting into on the # of shooters and the weapons used. Don't just swallow the MSM pill.