Friday, January 18, 2013

Virginia Democrat Brings AK-47 Onto House of Delegates Floor

Where do I begin?

In what can only be described as an unique attempt by Delegate Joe Morrissey, a Democrat in Virginia's House of Delegates, to stir debate over his state's consideration of banning assault weapons, he brought an AK-47 into the Capitol and on the House floor during his pleas for his legislation to receive support.

Fellow delegates were both amused and annoyed by his stunt yesterday afternoon, which he approved beforehand with police and House leaders, and one Republican lawmaker asked if Morrissey would take his finger off the trigger lock (which you can notice in the picture.. he obviously knows nothing of gun safety).

At one point in his speech he said anyone could walk down the streets carrying an AK-47 and something needed to be done... Which is odd considering Virginia has a low gun crime rate and most gun related deaths are related to non-assault weapons, and most murders overall to other weapons entirely. 

The real question from this delegate's stunt is how far are anti-second amendment lawmakers willing to go to make their unfounded, illogical points?

What say you?

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  1. I thought you at least, needed to have one in a case, and you cannot have a gun rack anymore; at least not here.