Wednesday, January 23, 2013

U.S. Slowly Enters Mali Conflict

HT: New York Times

The first of more to come?

That is the question casual observers and military analysts are asking as the United States Air Force is air-lifting hundreds of French soldiers from their home bases to the hostile grounds of Mali, while considering whether to supply refueling tankers to French warplanes.

It might not seem like much, but the United States is slowly entering the sub-Saharan theatre of the ongoing Western conflict to eradicate al-Qaeda and international Jihadism that is threatening to take over Mali, Algeria and neighboring North African nations and turn them into bases of terrorism.

These developments are coming as thousands of French and African soldiers enter the stage and the need for greater Western support grows every day, particularly with an eye towards the U.S. and other members of NATO, which has thus far remained unusually inactive in this conflict.

I personally believe the United States should take an active role in the Malian conflict, as this has the potential to not just determine North Africa's role in the War on Terror, but future security in both America and Europe, as the thought of thousands of jihadist warriors training just an ocean away is not reassuring.

What say you?

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