Friday, January 25, 2013

Senator Paul Questions John Kerry on Cambodia vs. Libya

Just one day after destroying the outgoing Secretary of State on her Department's failure to protect American lives at our consulate in Benghazi, Senator Rand Paul was back on the warpath yesterday - this time against the incoming State Secretary, Senator John Kerry.

Senator Paul, in painting Kerry as a hypocrite, questioned the longtime foreign policy giant from Massachusetts on his opposition to the Vietnam era bombings of Cambodia which he so strongly came out against to his recent support of the brief U.S. led NATO war in Libya, and how one is right and the other wrong...

While I don't agree with either Senator, as Paul is wrong to characterize either conflict as anti-constitutional or against our national interests, while Kerry's justification that Libya was acceptable because it was an expansion of the War on Terror but Cambodia wasn't equally as important to U.S. interests in Vietnam is downright asinine, I do appreciate watching Paul make Democrats squirm.

What say you?

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