Thursday, January 10, 2013

Obama's 2013 Agenda: No Women, Less Guns, More Taxes

With 2013 just underway, Barack Obama's agenda for the coming year is readily apparent. Though Mr. Obama promised many foolish things during his campaign in 2012, the lies he has told are the ones making the headlines thus far this year.

His agenda for the coming year? No women, less guns, and more taxes on the middle class, or "lies, lies, and more lies."

Where to start on this topic is a little difficult, but let's look at his promises and reelection, shall we? President Obama was reelected by half-wits who either, one, believed his lies, two, were too stupid to check facts for themselves, three, believe the lies the Main Stream Media shovels, or four, get their news from Comedy Central (or all four at the same time). They bought his redistribution nonsense hook, line, and sinker.
President Obama
Yet his deep-seated hatred for the rich was the only truthful thing Mr. Obama spewed while on the campaign trail. Every other action that he has taken since reelection flies directly into the face of facts. Ironically, conservatives and liberals alike have reason to be upset at the President's fibbing, but the Left is unlikely to critique the man they oft refer to as their "Lord and Savior." So it is up to the Right to tell the truth.

First is the fact that the President, despite attacking Mitt Romney repeatedly for being "anti-woman," has thus far refused to nominate any women to his cabinet in his second term. This has been met with largely silence from liberals, who blindly took in the President's repeated misogynistic ads depicting women as either feeble-minded and promiscuous, or utterly dependent on the government.

Thus, ironically to those on the Left, completely expected from those on the Right, Mr. Obama's huffing and puffing over 'respecting women more than Republicans' was a crass power play to receive votes. Unfortunately, it worked.
You're a woman?  Clearly you aren't terribly bright you need the government's help!
Second, President Obama is looking into much stronger gun laws for our nation. His proposals thus far include: everyone having a background check to own any firearm, a stiffening of penalties for improperly using a weapon, and a nationwide database to track the movement and sale of every single weapon in the United States.

However, much more disconcerting than this overreach, Mr. Obama is weighing if he should issue an executive order to curtail gun rights. In other words, he would usurp the authority of Congress entirely and dictate whatever rules he wants concerning firearms. Because, as everyone knows, it's okay for the Obama Administration to arm Mexican drug cartels, but heaven forbid Americans own weapons.

To add insult to injury to President Obama's hypocrisy, this flies directly into the face of his previous statement that, "I am not going to take your guns away... That just ain't true. That just ain't true!" Caulk up another lie.
Vice President Biden, who is leading gun control talks in Washington
Third, the President promised that there would be no increase on taxes for the middle class. He promised that only the "rich" would pay more. Yet, once again, the President has lied. And again, conservatives saw it coming, liberals have been caught off guard.

Surprise, the "fiscal cliff" deal that the President pushed raised taxes on 77 percent of Americans. Percent-wise, middle class Americans saw their taxes increase more than the wealthy "two percent" that Mr. Obama so often has lambasted. Ill-informed liberals were shocked and angry at this turn of events. But conservatives knew it was coming all along.

"What happened," as Investors Business Daily reported, was repeated over and over again by leftists in response to President Obama's broken promises. But we all know what happened, don't we?

The only real question is what is coming next?

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  1. The Oppressive gun grabbers keep on repeating day in and day out about how the supreme court says that there are limitations on the right of self-defense.

    Obviously, they like to LIE about all the limitations we ALREADY have and pretend they do not exist.

    We ALREADY have massive limitations on that right

    We ALREADY have can’t possess certain types of weapons

    We ALREADY have cannot possess large caliber guns.
    We ALREADY have cannot possess select-fire fullauto firearms

    There are ALREADY have limitations on the purchasing a gun and FFL’s selling guns.

    There are ALREADY a many embarrassing and obnoxious hoops we have to jump through just to exercise our right of self-defense.

    And yet, that’s not good enough for the Oppressive gun grabbers, with each and every infringement they force on us, they always come back for more.

    Then they like to use the ‘No limitations LIE’ after each and every limitation they force on us. The like to pretend that each of the previous limitations don’t exist and that their next set will be the first.

    In addition, these NEW limitations are always falsely said to be ‘commonsense’ and other ample amounts of BS.

    Well, when can it be said that our fundamental rights have been INFRINGED?

    At what point will we say enough is enough?

    It is certain that they want to limit our rights out of existence. They have made it plain that they want to take our guns.

    Andrew ‘Gun Confiscation’ Cuomo had come out and stated this publicly along with other national luminaries of the socialist left.

    Clearly the Oppressive gun grabbers would like us to be down to sling-shots and stones before we come to that realization – they would like us to our guns taken away before we start question their motivations on the matter.

    They had better not be expecting to put up with their LIES for much longer.