Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jerry Sandusky "sex with male escorts" angle emerging on the Bob Menendez story?

There are no details given. Just this rather curious headline from the NY Post:
Feds raid office of doc who allegedly provided male escorts to Sen. Menendez
Yes, you read that correctly. There is no 'fe' at the beginning of that gender designation.

Added to the already salacious "underage hooker" side of the story, this Menendez scandal promises to even eclipse Weiner-gate.

Another development from last night. It was revealed on Fox News that the resort where Menendez stayed at in the Dominican Republic where the sex-capades took place, was owned by "Sugar Barons." Of course, he cast numerous votes on sugar subsidies.

A number of political blogs are already speculating on a Menendez replacement. Republican Governor Chris Christie gets to appoint. Will it be Menendez's 2012 Republican opponent Joe Kyrillos, some sweet revenge for the GOP. Or, more likely a safer choice like State Senator Tom Kean, Jr. or former Republican Governor Christie Todd-Whitman?

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