Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BREAKING... Bob Menendez to resign? Christie to appoint replacement Senator. Could it be this man?

The Bob Menendez - underage Hooker scandal is moving at lightening speed. The New Jersey Senator unexpectedly left a major Senate immigration press conference early yesterday, not taking any questions. He scampered away from the conference without a word. Now, a day later, news that Menendez's good friend, Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgin's home and office were raided yesterday by the FBI. Agents reportedly were searching for documents related to alleged unpaid IRS penalities.

Also today, reporters, including journalists from some major media outlets, peppered Menendez with questions about the growing scandal. It is one thing to be rumored to have had an affair with a prostitute outside of the U.S. Quite another if said prostitute was underage. Even the normally cover-up for liberals at any cost, Wonkette remarks:
we do know that when you are having an orgy pile, and you are a United States Senator — even if you are out of the country! — you should really try your best not to f*ck children.
An imminent resignation by Menendez?

Speculation already surfacing as to who Republican Governor Chris Christie would appoint as a replacement.

Could it be this man?

New Jersey State Senator, and son of former moderate Republican two-term Governor Thomas Kean, Thomas Kean, Jr.

The younger Kean has shown a much more defined pro-liberty, almost Tea Party like record as a leading voice in the State Senate; good on guns, staunchly anti-tax.


  1. Even mentioning Tommy "Junior" Kean in the same sentence with Tea Party should require the writer to submit a urine sample. Junior is one of the biggest RINOs in New Jersey, just like his old man. If Chris "Fat Boy Rino" Christie wanted to appoint a true Tea Party candidate, that would State Senator Michael Doherty, or Christie's old adversary for Governor, Steve Lonegan.

    1. You got that right!!! Pundit press doesn't know what's conservative is apparently.

    2. I would like to see a true conservative appointed (if that every happens) but the reality is, NJ is a RINO state and Cristie should consider all the people of NJ if he appoints. Let a true conservative win the seat in a general election.

  2. Yes, it is very good idea to name/appont Tom Kean son as the Senator once Menendez resign. It should be soon, we need representation no untrustworthy individuals like Menendez.