Friday, December 14, 2012

Ryan Lanza Identified as the Sandy Hook School Shooter December 14, 2012

UPDATE: It was Adam Lanza, not his brother Ryan that was the shooter. Ryan is in custody.

Ryan Lanza has been identified as the shooter at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.He is reportedly the father of one of the students. He especially targeted the principal of the school and psychologist, both of whom were killed. We was 20 years old and killed in the school.

UPDATE 3:07 EST from the local news:

The gunman has been identified as Ryan Lanza who apparently went to the family’s Hoboken, NJ home before heading to Newtown, CT where he fatally shot his mother in her kindergarten classroom of Sandy Hook Elementary School, according to reports.
The gunman delilberately went to Sandy Hook Elementary School with the intention of killing his mother who was a kindergarten teacher at the school, according to NBC Channel 4. Lanza’s hometown has not been released.
It is believed the shooting began near the principal’s office before Lanza went to his mother’s kindergarten classroom and killed her and her students, according to the report.

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  1. Ryan Lanza went to hell.

  2. Pray for the dead and their families

    God please bless these people

  3. U never know what a person is going throw don't be so quick to judge may God bless the families to the victims also to Ryan's family.

    1. No excuses to kill 26 people you sick F*&^! I don't care what he was going through! May he rot in HELL!!

  4. I haven't heard anything saying he was the father of a student. But his mother was a teacher and he targeted her classroom.

  5. This is very sad and all those precious kids that lost their lives are in heaven with god....a much better place then this world and they are now safe forever!! It's just ashame people like Ryan Lanza get to breathe the same air these little angles breathe

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  7. how can people say pray for ryan lanza ,That dirty mother f####ker Has no heart to look in a little kids eyes and take there lives , I dont care what his problems were.I hope HELL deals with him , because I wish I could

  8. this is the sickest shit ive ever seen there is absolutly no excuse for that sick fuck shooting those kids and the teachers and principal i hope he rots in hells and is punished in the after life i can only imagine how those parents of those kids feel that were shoot what is the world coming to we send our kids to school to learn and have fun not worry about a masked man coming into the school and shooting up the place in concluion i would like to kno who the fuck let this little prick in the school to do this i feel as thou we need more secrity and more ppl on there toes when it comes to this shit or it wouldt happen to all the familys out there goin through hell ur in my prays and it takes ppl like this to make our would go to shit rot in hell ryan lanza for the pain and suffring u caused today

  9. prayers and thoughts to all the children and parents and staff at that school and in that community. and thank god there are still people in the world that know Ryan Lanza deserves to burn in hell for eternity. Those children were between the ages of 5 & 10. their parents probably have presents under the tree for them... it moments like these that i truly hope that hell is real!