Saturday, December 15, 2012

Protests in Egypt Claim Tampering

Even as the voting has starting in Egypt's constitutional referendum, there are accusations of vote tampering already. With all of the concern, there is word that the Muslim Brotherhood is stuffing the ballots.
On Friday Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Amir Roshdy vigorously denied rumors that 200,000 ballots had been pre-printed in Kuwait to rig the vote there, the daily Al-Masry al-Youm reported. Roshdy also denied that people who were seen handing out flyers printed on the official letterhead of the Egyptian Embassy in Kuwait encouraging people to vote 'yes' were in any way actually connected with the Embassy, claiming they had merely used the letterhead.
Anti-Islamist and opposition leaders used the last day before the referendum to try and get their message out to vote 'no.'
The opposition is right to be concerned, especially with so many accusations.

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  1. The Dictators and faithful Mohammedan extremist's realize what is at stake? After all, are they not concerned with Western pop-culture and Israel?