Monday, December 10, 2012

Owning my own home

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

I thought owning my own house would be more fun than it actually is. What it actually is, though, is a lot of work, particularly the yard work. I spent a long time working on the logistics of the house like getting the water hooked up and going to the Just Energysite to find out about my energy options. I guess I really just thought about all the best parts of owning a home – not having to pay rent, not having any annoying neighbors, not needing to worry when rent rates went up, etc. What I didn’t think about was all the time that goes into keeping up a yard and how much it costs when your fridge breaks or the property tax bill comes, you know? My dad is really good at real estate and for whatever reason I kind of bumped back when he tried to give me advice. I didn’t want to hear it because I thought I was old enough to make these decisions on my own but now I really wish I had listened to him about getting in over my head. There’s something to be said for having less responsibility but be ‘wasting’ more money although I am glad I’ve got a mortgage historyand feel like I’m a mature adult for the first time in my life. I hope things get easier and I’m sure they will, honestly, because there’s nowhere to go but up from here! I think the worst thing about my particular house is that it needs a lot of work and I bought it thinking the renovations would be a snap. Boy was I wrong about that! Who would have thought it would take me over 48 hours to install tile in the bathroom? I can’t afford to hire a contractor so I’m going to have to suck it up and put in more elbow grease until this place gets finished…

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