Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Floyd Corkins Facebook

It appears that the Family Research Council shooter was a man named Floyd Corkins. There is a picture of him here.

Here's what appears to be his facebook page. And his MyLife page.

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  2. WARNING!!!: I want to stress, the following information is about a "Floyd Corkins" but may or may not be the same "Floyd Corkins" involved the Family Research Council shooting. This is provided as search information only. Regardless, let the authorities take their proper action.

    The Facebook page for someone with a similar name ( lists an affiliation with George Mason University (GMU). GMU is located in Fairfax, VA.

    Media reports indicate the shooter was 28 years old ( His name does not come up when searching the GMU web site ( He could be a former student, however.

    If it is the same guy, Floyd Corkins also signed a petition in support of Tariq Khan, sponsored by the GMU Students for Peace ( The petition is signed by "Floyd Corkins I".

    Here is addition information on the 2005 Tariq Khan case.

    "Case Against GMU Protester Is Dropped"

  3. More regarding Tariq Khan case via "The Progressive".

    "George Mason Student Busted for Anti-Recruiting"

    "Virginia Drops Charges Against Tariq Khan"

    If the situation is as reported, Tariq Khan should not have been charged as I think this clearly falls within First Amendment protections (but hey, that's just me).

  4. Let's all hope that Floyd gets all the 'Corkin' he needs in prison,..and then some. Have fun Floyd.