Saturday, June 02, 2012

Wisconsin Voter Fraud? June 5, 2012

Rumors are circulating on the internet that unions are busing in voters from Detroit in order to sway the election against Governor Scott Walker, whom they are trying to recall and replace with Democrat Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee.

Apparently, someone called into the Chris Plante Show (which, admittedly, I didn't know existed until one hour ago) with the aforementioned allegations. However, according to various accounts of people who have listened to that segment, the caller didn't answer Mr. Plante's questions, nor did he leave his contact information as he was requested to do.

And considering not one blog post or news article has been written about this bus-in, when only fifty million, or so, people are glued to Wisconsin election coverage right now and this would blow the lid off the story, I have to conclude - along with evidence from the caller's lack of credible information - that this rumor is just that, not one ounce of fact.

I'm sure we will see roughly one hundred different versions of this story, from both sides, pop up through out today. So please, just ignore them and go out and vote! That's all that really matters.

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