Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Wisconsin Turnout Soars to 2.5 Million

So how big was turnout in yesterday's historic recall election in Wisconsin which Scott Walker convincingly won with over 53% of all votes cast? Well, absolutely freaking huge.

For comparison:

2008 presidential - 2,983,417
2010 gubernatorial - 2,158,974
2011 WI supreme - 1,500,113
2012 gubernatorial - 2,503,745

Over 300,000 voters who didn't participate in the original Walker-Barrett match up turned out for the recall election, devouring previous turnout records for a gubernatorial election and setting the tone for this fall's big presidential battle between President Obama and Mitt Romney, which will likely exceed the big three million vote mark.

It also means that soon to be released Democrat talking points about voter suppression don't have one leg to stand on, considering turnout increased by nearly 350,00 votes, or 15% - which indicates voter participation   increased dramatically and obviously wasn't suppressed in any way, and if attempts were made, failed badly.

What say you?

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