Monday, June 18, 2012

Stats of the Day: "Obama Blames" Garners 573,000 Google Results and More

Today, we decided to check out some statistics and facts out on the internet. It was relatively easy to decide what specifically to look for, particularly with a certain person in the Presidency who would like you to believe that he has not been in office a single day.

First off, we seached "Obama blames" into Google. We made certain to actually put it into quotation marks, so that the results had to have the words "Obama blames" in order. In other words, "Obama Blames Polar Bears for Global Warming" might show up, but "Obama: The Blame For Global Warming is Angry Chickens" would not.

The result? 573,000 matches. That's a lot of blame to go around. In comparison, "Bush Blames" receives only 207,000 results, and he was in office twice as long as Mr. Obama. If you search "Obama Blames" without quotation marks, you will find an astounding 10,700,000 results.

For a deeper look at the number, "Obama Blames Republicans" nets 50,000 results. "Obama Blames Bush" gets over twice that, at 106,000 results.

Now for other searches. "Obama whines" produces 14,300 results while "Obama lies" garners 586,000 results. "Obama Cries" nets 51,300 hits and "Obama is a Marxist" gets 768,000 results.
A picture found under "Obama Cries"
"Obama is the worst President ever" garners 302,000 results. "Bush is the worst President ever" nets only about a third of that at 134,000. Again, Obama has been in office for much less time than Bush was.

Do you have any ideas for what to search for? Please comment below.

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