Monday, June 25, 2012

The Real  S. A. T. --

The Soetoro Achievement Test

Pick the answers you feel are most true;  if in doubt,
pick those which infer that Barry/Barackack  is a liar,
has too many aliases, too many Social Security numbers,
and was born in a stone-age country with no working

Expect some redundancy, stupidancy, and Soetoroancy.
Ten easy questions, and, as with this president, there are
more questions than answers.

1.   The Supreme Court will do which of the following?

      a.  find Barryack guilty of being the biggest liar on the planet
      b.  rule Barry not elgible to be president
      c.  rule obamacare unconstitutional
      d.  rule michelle unconstitutional

2.   Eric Himpton Holder will this week --

      a.  be cited for contempt of the truth
      b.  be cited for contempt of the American People
      c.  be cited for being a lazy, no good bum
      d.  be cited for contempt of Congress
      e.  be thrown under Barry's bus
      f.   will quit
      g.  will start a new job at Don Rickles house

3.   Michelle Soetoro/Obama will this week --

      a.  make a tacky fool of herself in London
      b.  spend millions on this trip
      c.  not miss her tacky husband one time
      d.  hope the White House is filled with wedding gifts
           when she returns

4.  Egypt will receive from Barry this month --

     a.  an official visit
     b.  a bunch of taxpayer money
     c.  George W's new portrait
     d.  a plea for all Egyptian wedding presents

5.  Obama's campaign funds will --

     a.  will wind up in an offshore account in the name of
          Harrison J. Bounel
     b.  be stashed in Moocher-lle's underwear drawer
     c.  be stolen and end up in Indonesia
     d.  be unable to be accounted for

6.  Sheriff Joe this week will --

     a.  release records proving that Barry is not a citizen
     b.  release records proving that Barry is a fraud
     c.  release records proving that Barry is a felon
     d.  come up missing

7.  Barry/Barock will in the next 90 days --

     a.  become an Eagle Scout
     b. receive another ignoble/Nobel Peace Prize
     c.  the CrackerJack company will go bankrupt
     d.  will cease and desist his stupid grinning
     e.  will resign the presidency
     f.   will become a tin-pot dictator of Micronesia

8.  Barry/Hussein/Harrison J/Davis's legacy will be:

     a.  the crease in his trousers
     b.  his pathological lying
     c.  his pathetic arrogance
     d.  his dumb dog
     e.  his affair with Chris Matthews
     f.  his crying when he has to resign
     g. he will have no legacy

9.  The elections this November will:

     a.  not happen
     b.  be stolen
     c.  be gooned
     d.  Romney will win huge

10.The pathetic Soetoro/Bounel/Obama family will --

     a.  fade into a foreign sunset
     b.  Michelle will become morbidly obese
     c.  Barry will end up in Chicago on skid row
     d.  Sash and Mal will be the next girl band
     e.  the mother-out-law will end up in a hut overseas
          with the rest of the relatives

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