Friday, June 15, 2012

The Pseudologia Fantastica-in-Chief   
          Liar, liar, Pants on Fire

In 1828, Noah Webster defined a liar as "a person who knowingly
utters falsehood;  one who declares to another as a fact what he
knows to be not true, and with an intention to deceive him."

A compulsive liar is one who lies out of habit.

But the real professional liars are called:

Pseudologia fantastica:  falsification entirely disproportionate
to any discernible end in view;  may be extensive and very
complicated;  may manifest over a period of years or even a

Ergo!  Voila!  We have finally struck upon the truth about the
greatest liar in the universe.

Barry Davis' Soetoro Obama's speech yesterday was an unfortunate
re-hashing of the lies he has told and probably believes, for the
last three and a half ninesixteen, well, all his life.

To list his lies here, or anywhere is impossible.  Fiscally
conservative?  A Christian?  Take care of veterans?  Transparent?
Four million jobs created?  Forward?  Kenya?  Hawaii?  Davis?
Soetoro?  Obama?  Smith?

We all know that to Washington DC politicians, lying is just
another word for politics as usual.  The cosmopolitian language
of politicians is the lie. 

Were Diogenes alive today, he could have a one million
megawatt spotlight in his search for an honest man, and he
could wander around DC until doomsday and never find an
honest man.

But Barry Soetoro Dunham Davis Barack Hussein Obama --
or whatever his real name is --  has raised the art of lying to
a level where Bill Clinton, OJ Simpson and Ted Kennedy look
like rank amateurs.

His speech yesterday to a bunch of high schoolers thinking they
are in college is a prime example.  If one of them had given a
speech like this in one of their speech classes, they would have
been laughed out of the joint, with their joint.

And yet the media, and I use the term sardonicly, uses words
like:  falsehoods, mis-spoke, fact check, instead of using Barry's
real middle name:  pseudologica fantastica.

Some politicians lie because they have to, they are forced to, or
because they are not sure of the truth.  Barry Davis lies because
it is his lifelong nature to lie, to believe his lies, to enjoy his
lying, and to lie on purpose.

This sort of pathological lying is indicative of a man with no
integrity, no conscience and no soul.

There is nothing cool about a man to whom lying is his brand.

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  1. Who knew that our own president was a magician? First, he earned the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing. I guess pot smoking, public nudity and anti-American sentiment is all you need these days to earn an award given to such honorable people as Mother Theresa. Job numbers are down, unemployment is up, there is no plan for the next 4 years, we have no federal budget, our foreign policy is schizophrenic and the dollars is in the crapper. And despite all of this Obama’s approval rating still is above 40%. Now that’s the real magic! How could he do nothing right and still have any approval rating at all?

    Maybe I can figure it out. What I learned about doing a real good illusion is a concept called misdirection. By definition misdirection is a form of deception in which the attention of an audience is focused on one thing in order to distract its attention from another. Well, I think that might just be the key. During the beginning of his tenure as president he misdirected all his failures towards President Bush, blaming him for the tanking economy and continued recession. More recently it looks like he used that same misdirection trick to disguise his abysmal tenure as president by blaming Greece, Europe’s financial instability and the Republican’s inability to pass any his bills. However, when he had control of both houses the only thing he was able to pass was an unconstitutional bill that would bankrupt the country.

    It also seems the media has picked up on this trick. Take for instance the Catholic Church. Instead of properly reporting Obama’s hatred towards the church and the justified laws suits he is facing from them, the media instead cover the airways with stories of priest’s sexual misconducts. I understand Obama hates the Catholic Church but does that mean the news media has to also?

    However, he’s attempting to use his last bit of misdirection to get himself re-elected. Because he certainly can’t run his campaign based upon his horrific record, he instead turned people’s attention to Governor Romney. Using the media as if it were a government run propaganda machine, he has done everything to discredit and vilify his opponent and wife. The problem with this strategy is that Governor Romney actually has really strong credentials. He is an excellent businessman, governor, statesman and father. He was not a drug abuser, school skipper or deadbeat. Thus, Obama has turned to lies and other untruths in order to continue his misperception.

    Well Mr. Obama, I’ve watched the FOX series Magic Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed and know what you’re doing. It’s just a matter of time the whole country comes to their senses and realize what a disaster the last few years have been with you in the White House.