Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New U.N. Policy on Syria: Twist Arms?

Apparently the new United Nations plan for ending violence in Syria, at least to envoy Kofi Annan, is to have governments with influence over the rogue nation to twist arms and hope for the best, which comes amid U.N. reports that Assad's regime is now on the list of 52 governments/terrorist groups that recruit, kill or sexually attack children during armed conflicts.

Wait... What?!

Which influential government are we talking about here? Syria only has two friends in the entire world; neither has supported one U.N. resolution, suggestion or plan to legitimately end the internal conflict. The Russians do nothing but obstruct us on the security council and Iran is even aiding the Syrian government's brutal assault.

I have got to give Annan credit though, because in this situation where conditions are worsening every day on the ground, he somehow managed to conceive a new solution that is even more unlikely, and useless then the "cease fire agreement" he has been campaigning for the last several months to no avail.

This is maddening.

The world has been watching Assad, his government and his Alawite sect murder over 10,000 of their fellow countryman, and because of "war weariness," or whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, we remain on the sidelines, paralyzed, and do nothing to aid the rebels who are struggling to stay alive and maintain what they can from their uprising.

It's simple, really. If we want to defeat Assad - we must arm the rebels with heavy weaponry while at the same time we end this bureaucratic bullshit within the United Nations and start coordinating our own plan with the "Friends of Syria" organization, which among arming and funding the rebels, should consider us intervening at some point.

That, at least, would be moral and considerate of the men, women and children fighting in Syria, who do not deserve to become a footnote in history as the opposition that was defeated, because no one did anything to help them.

What say you?

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