Friday, June 08, 2012

Misfeasance, Malfeasance, Nonfeasance, Eric Holder

It has been commonly agreed by some  many  most everyone
who can tell the truth from a lie that Barry holds the record for
being the biggest and best liar in DC politics.

And there is the principle in business, politics and Hollywood
that if you want your efforts to look good, you need to surround
yourself with people better than yourself.

Ergo -- voila -- the problem appears.  With a narcisstic, me-first,
me-best-me-only-I-I-I-where's the camera leader, the insecurity
and poor self image of the girly-man preclude making any such
hires.  He can only "hire down," that is, everyone he hires must be
absolutely incapable of outshining the boss.  I use the term "boss"
strictly in a Chicago sense.

Lying to the American people though is a different issue.  Speaking
of lying liars and the lies they tell, Eric Holder comes in by design,
second to Barry. 

How in the name of common sense and justice can this incompetent
boob be faced for the last three years with facts and evidence, witnesses,
records, documents and exhibits - - - and yet deny everything and do
nothing except commit perjury after perjury, and in public, for all of
us to see. 

At his job -- he is a joke.

Holder's evasive inactions and lies are so many and so infamous, they
need not be recited here.  And this behaviour takes place while holder
is holding the highest legal office in the country. 

Can you say: misfeasance?  The improper performance of an act.
Malfeasance?  The commission of an act which is positively unlawful.
Nonfeasance?  Non-performance of an act which ought to be performed.

Fired?  He should be.
Indicted?  He should be.
Tried?  He should be.

But to perform those actions which take place across America by the
hundreds every day, and for crimes ususally of lessor import to our
country, with the rest of the emasculated boobs Barry has chosen
to surround himself with, good luck.

It is one thing for disputes between Republicans, Democrats, and
Independents to be public. Everyone always questions choices
made by the other side.

But these crimes are so regular, so pathetic and so totally ignored
by those who are in power, it has now become much more than a
question of politics. 

This nation was conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the
proposition that all men are created equal, and for hundreds of
years, our belief has been that government is of the people, by
the people and for the people.

With this sort of lying, deceitful, amoral people in positions of
great power, it is becoming a question of whether this nation,
or any other nation so conceived and so dedicated can much longer

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