Monday, June 04, 2012

The Chinese had it Right

Or it could have been Ghandi, or Miamoto Musashi, but one of the old
guys said, "If you would know a man, give him authority."

Well, for some odd reason, known only to God, this guy from Indonesia,
Barry Soetoro was given the highest office on the planet.  You know, he
could have been a PTA president and botched that all up.  He could have
been president of a New Car Dealers Association in Chicago.  At that job,
he would have lasted about four weeks, and then been thrown out on his
keister.  He could have been head usher at one of the local theaters in
Chicago, but n-o-o-o-o:  he gets to be president of these United States.

If there was ever a prime example of the Peter Principle at work, Barry
is it.  So he is President?  Is this some kind of sick joke?

And so in the natural course of events, this draft dodging, selective
service dodging, citizenship dodging, constitution dodging excuse for
who knows what, decides to make a campaign speech on Memorial Day,
2012.  Where does he do it?  At the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial in our
nations' capitol.  Emphasis on "our,

while knowing that thousands of real Americans, true Veterans,
would be present to pay respects for their friends, relatives and loved ones
who paid the ultimate sacrifice, at the Memorial, on Memorial Day.

So what does this national embarrassment, this poor excuse for the leader
of the free world do?   He closes the Memorial.  He closes the Memorial.
The Narcissistic Nitwit in Chief closes the Memorial to the veterans
and friends who came to pay their respects.

Then he makes one of his assinine campaign speeches, referrencing his
power as "president." 

There are not enough words in the English language to describe the
audacity and arrogance of this make believe, wanna be, never has been
excuse for a leader. 

I respect the office of the president.  As a veteran, I respect the Viet Nam
Memorial.  But to have to put up with this childish, whiny butt hack from
Chicago by way of Indonesia,  I just can't do it, anymore, if ever. 

If he is by any chance re-elected in November, let's kiss everything we know
and love a fond farewell, and just make everyday a holiday and bow down
to his royal highness, as he golfs, vacations and ruins our great country.

If you would know a man, give him authority.

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