Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Audacity of a Dope

Barry Obama sat on a wall,
Baracck-ack Soetoro had a great fall;
all the media's whorses
and all the media's men
couldn't put Barry Soetoro
bar-ack together again.

Stick a fork in him, he's done.  Let the hot air and vacuous
steam escape and there is nothing left.  Four years of nothing
but lies, golf, campaigning and hot air is enough.

Wonder if half a BILLION dollars can buy the election this
time?  Dunno, even the rich folk have been losing money
in this scary/barry economy.  Who would be dumb enough to
give barry more money so they could lose more in the next
four years?  Well, the idiots in Hollywood, but then most of
them are dumb as a caltalpa fence post, a fact proven time and
again by the poor directors who have to make them look smart
in movies.  These nitwits are chunking in Land Rovers full of
cash to barry can keep his dreams of his composite father, his
composite girlfriends and his composite presidency.

I used to think barry wanted to be a dictator, but there is too
much work involved.  Wouldn't have time for golf, vacations,
hoops, fancy meals and campaigning.  Plus the fact that
an effective dictator is smart, lies only part of the time, and
has friends in high places.  Barry falls short on all counts. 
Not smart is he, lies all the time he does, and he has no friends.
Only pandering lackeys, bootblacks and sycophants who are
along for the ride.  Next stop for them -- under the bus.

He is done, well done, and only a brave few are willing to
say it out loud.  He has worn out his welcome in the White
House, in Washington DC and around the world.  Probably
no longer has a welcome in Chicago.  Rahm certainly won't
give up his position as Mayor for Barry.  After the divorce,
Barry will be lucky to find a couch to crash on.  Maybe

Wasn't it another president, albeit one born in America, who
said, "you can fool all the people some of the time, and some
of the people all of the time, but Barry, you can't fool all the
people all of the time." 

Yes, I think it was honest Abe.  BTW -- when is the last time
you heard the word "honest" and "obama" in the same sentence?
Never, right?

Barry is done, not for a myriad of good reasons, but for the one
reason that he is a liar from start to finish.  He fooled our country,
he fooled his country, he fooled Hawaii, he fooled Conneticut,
he fooled DC, he fooled the Senate, he fooled the Congress, he
fooled the Supreme Court, he fooled the Elections Commission,
he fooled Chicago, he fooled a majority of the American voters.

Why will he never be elected a second time?  There is no one left
to fool.  Barring a barry/barack-ack/Occupy/SEIU/goon squad/
1960'sChicago Election Theft Democratic Style--- he will never
be given a position of public trust again.

Why?  The public does not trust him.  Put a fork in him,  he's done.

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