Thursday, May 31, 2012

Virginia Primaries Heating Up - Ken Vaughn for Congress VA 11th

We have our primaries coming up in Virginia in just over a week.  Things are getting hot around here with last minute campaigning and the get out the vote effort.  

A man I know and genuinely like is running for congress in the Virginia 11th.  His name is Ken Vaughn.  He and his wife Julie were one of the first people that I met when I decided to dip my toe into the activism world; having no idea where it would lead.  

Ken and Julie opened up their home to strangers and helped get us organized.  Believe me in the progressive la la land that Northern Virginia is, that wasn't an easy task.  Ken took it many steps beyond me and decided to run.  When he made this decision it was before redistricting and he wasn't sure if he would be running against Moron Moran or Connelly.  Once the lines had been set, he found out he would be running against Connelly and would have to face a primary challenge.  

If you live around the NOVA area, help Ken with his GOTV efforts, if you don't you still help out with a small (or not so small) donation.  Every little bit matters when election day is in less than two weeks.  

Ken is an honest man.  He will work to help us get back on a path of fiscal sanity.  

Here is one of the latest email ads and this should strike a cord for all fiscal conservatives:  Spending must be curbed, and it must be done now.

After more than a year on the campaign trail, my primary opponent has finally explained how he wants to cut government spending:
With 48 cents of every dollar the federal government plans to spend next year going to a so-called 'entitlement', I recall what the famous outlaw, Willie Sutton, answered when asked why he robbed banks:  "Because that's where the money is!"  Six cents of each dollar will go to paying the interest on the national debt, 27 cents will pay for national security related expenditures, and the remaining 19 cents will be used for everything else the federal government does. 

We can absolutely find some savings within the latter, but significant entitlement reform will be required to make a serious dent in our deficit and national debt.  We should not go after retirees and near-retirees, but rather restructure the system for future generations who would virtually lose all benefits when the programs collapse.
After highlighting how much money is spent on entitlements he fails to identify a single cut that he is willing to make today. Instead, his proposal is to have the “future generations” pay for all of our spending!
I find that proposal to be fundamentally immoral.
There is a better way. It starts by resolving to live within our means. Just as when an overweight person pledges to get into shape, it’ll take work and require a change in lifestyle, but we can succeed, if we unite behind a common goal.
To achieve our goal, we must first define what that goal is. Our Congress needs to set a budgetary goal with measurable milestones. Just as President Kennedy pledged to put a man on the moon within a decade, we need to rally behind a goal of returning our debt to a sustainable level within 12 years.  Once we know what our goal is, we can then develop a year-by-year debt plan showing how we will get there. Our Congress should then raise or lower the debt ceiling based on this plan. This will put real constraints on our budget.
Whoever wins this congressional race will be only one voice out of 435 in the House. That person will need to work with others in Congress to get things done – as a result, it is impossible to predict what the detailed spending and tax policies might look like at the end of the process. However, common sense tells us that virtually every program will have to contribute to the solution. History has shown that it is unlikely that federal revenues will exceed 19% of our economy, regardless of what our tax policies are. That means we will need to cut federal spending by about a third if we are to be responsible. This will not be easy but my website provides a sample budget that describes what this might look like.
My question to you is: Would you rather have your representative join with the current majority from both parties in stealing from our children’s future, or would you prefer to have your representative lead the way towards a more responsible budget?
I will lead.
We are now twelve days away from the primary election, and every dollar counts. Please help the cause by making a $250, $100, $50, or $25 donation today.
In Liberty,
Ken Vaughn
Our campaign is very excited to announce the endorsements of the following 11th District voters:
David Ray- State Central, 11th Congressional District
Geraldine Davie- Delegate to the Republican National Conventional, Virginia’s 11th Congressional District
James Lightweis- Delegate to the Republican National Conventional, Virginia’s 11th Congressional District
Steven Yeh- Former Congressional Candidate, 11th Congressional District
Terrence Boulden- African-American Coalition Chairman, Fairfax County Republican Committee
Fredy Burgos- Burke Precinct Captain, Fairfax County Republican Committee
Ralph Hubbard- Sully District Chairman, Fairfax County Republican Committee
Please join us at some of our upcoming events:
PWCRC Call center event with Ken Vaughn
Tuesday June 5, 6:00pm- 8:00pm
Prince William County Republican Committee Headquarters
4431 Prince William County Parkway, Woodbridge 22192
Get-Out-The-Vote Canvassing Effort
Saturday June 2, and Saturday June 9, 10am- 2pm or 2pm- 5pm
Vaughn for Congress Campaign Headquarters
10410 Main St. Fairfax 22030, Suite 220
To reserve a spot on our Canvassing Team RSVP to

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