Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Tea Party Rocked it Today - Virginia 8th District Delegate Convention

Virginia 8th will not be added to growing list of Ron Paul delegates.  Although they tried.  The Tea Party slated delegates will all be going onto Tampa to make sure that the party platform stays conservative.

We also have a rock star in our midst.  Meet Evan Draim.  One of the youngest ever to be attending a GOP convention as a voting delegate.  He is just finishing up his junior year in high school.  Evan is helping to spread the tea party message to high school students far and wide and is very active in his schools republican club and an all around activist.

Not only is he adorable, he is very enthusiastic.  His energy and committment to the cause is truly infectious.
Here is Evan in his two-minute speech before the convention today.  He garnered the most votes, and this was the best attended convention in our history.  Almost double the size from 4 years ago.

Sadly, his video will not embed here, but you can see it here:    A short video you should watch and remember this name.  You will be hearing more from young Mr. Draim.  

Here is Marta, Erin, and Evan at our celebration lunch after the convention.
Congrats to all who earned their place at Tampa later this summer.  Make no mistake, getting elected delegate is work.

It seems that I will also be joining them down in Tampa in August, so yeah me!!!

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