Monday, May 07, 2012

Serbia's Uninspiring Choice

Yesterday the 2012 parliamentary and presidential elections were held in Serbia, which offered the electorate two uninspiring choices to lead the Balkan pariah into the future: Boris Tadic, the highly inept, corrupt president or Thomislav Nikolic, the nationalist, anti-U.S. Milosevic ally.

Geez, I'm just giddy with excitement for Serbia's future.

Tadic received 26.7% of the vote and Nikolic received 25.5%, forcing a run-off later this month to decide the presidency. On the parliamentary side, Nikolic's party won the most seats (73), but most analysts don't expect him to successfully form a majority coalition.

The big surprise was the Serbian Radicals failing to win one seat in parliament, which is the result brought upon by Nikolic's departure several years ago and the general failing direction of the party.

Regardless of who wins the run-off, neither will be able to restore Serbia's economy from the 25% unemployment hell they are currently enduring, or successfully conclude the Kosovo nightmare on favorable terms. What Serbia needs is a new type of party, one that recognizes alliance with us and the west is vital to their future, but that doesn't sacrifice their heritage, particularly in regards to the Kosovo territory.

What say you?

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