Thursday, May 17, 2012

Scammed by a Kindergardener

Seems that all the new attention to the Amateur-in-Chief stems from
an idiotic, grade school move by the other thug from Chicago;  no,
not Rahm Emanuel, but that devious hack Axelrod.  In his miniscule
political mindset, he actually thought it would be cool to check on
what happened fifty (50) years ago with Mitt Romney, between gym
class and fifth period study hall.  So the goons went out, dug some
"dirt,"  Axelrod let it fly;  lo and behold, nothing stuck.

But it so incensed the anti-Barry movement/the town-drunk is
better than Barry movement/the anybody is better than Barry
group, that they are now on a digging expedition of their own. 
Thing is, all the stuff they are after has been the topic of an on-
going discovery process for the last four years.  So it is pretty
easy for them to just dig up the old bones, expose it to the
public again and hope people believe it this time.

We are finding out day by day now, that this country has been
scammed by a kindergardener, cheated by a rank amateur,
bested by a Chicago thug, or group of thugs, and mocked by
an Indonesian pot smoker; with, I hasten to add, a "wife" who
thinks the American flag has no meaning.

My first question is this:  with the multitude of lying scoundrels
in Washington D.C., with their combined thousands of years
experience lying, cheating and stealing from the American public,
how in the world did this kindergardener pull the wool over their

It used to be said, "Can anything good come out of Cook County?"
The answer to that question has always been a resounding "NO."

Now the question seems to be, "Can anything good come out of
Washington D.C.?"   And after the last 40 or 50 years of lies, theft,
deceit and corruption, the answer is a resounding "NO."

Out here in America where the real work is done, it is of no use to
ask the question, "Are you better off than you were four years ago?"

That question should be changed to, "Have you been lied to enough
in the last four years?"

The lying politicans who aided and abetted Barry/Harry J. Bounel/
obama/Dunham/Davis are now jumping ship in droves.  Not one
vote in either the Congress or Senate for his gi-normous so called

Their only thought now, besides getting re-elected is, "Bring on the
next idiot, we'll deal with him/her/it next year.  Pass the Havanas,
pour some more Scotch, and turn on American Idol."

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