Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Of Biblical Proportions

By John Brentlinger

One of the phrases used by newspapers, (what's that?) satirists, pundits and TV (what's that?) commentators is the line: "of Biblical Proportions." In the context in which it is used, it is always wrong, it is never right, and it always falls woefully short of being truly descriptive of actual events. And it is being used more and more in politics and other fairy tales.

Say it rains in some town or borough, oh, ten inches in a twelve hour period. "Oh, we are getting rain in biblical proportions." Maybe 30 inches of snow in one day, "Oh, the sky is falling, we are getting snow in biblical proportions."

Nonsense, and it is time someone called it for what it is, nonsense. A biblical proportion of rain is enough to cover the entire earth, higher than the highest mountain, deeper than the deepest sea, killing everyone except those in the ark with Noah, displacing animals, fossils, flora and fauna; that is a flood of Biblical proportions.

This year, the only thing that even comes close to anything of biblical proportions is the nation wide, internet wide, televison wide, newspaper wide, (I know, what are those?) county shopper wide, bill board wide, magazine wide flood of pictures of Barry Soetoro. And I might add, they always get his name wrong. No one knows what his name really is.

Barry himself probably gets mixed up.

If this arrogant, self important narcissistist got a a nickel for everytime his brazen picture was posted around the country daily, he could have used that Five Trillion dollars to pay off those who put him in office, instead of relying on the good folks at Crane paper to keep the U.S. Treasury printing counterfeit Barry dollars and charging the American people.

We're not going to find out his real name until his new book comes out in 2013, "How I Scammed Everyone, You Can Do It Too." In that epic, he will reveal all the things the country
really wanted to know, but were tired of asking.

You know, where was he really born, where did he really work, where did he really go to college, how did he really win any election in Illinois, why did Rod Blagojevich really go to jail for 14 years; why wouldn't the government allow all the tapes of his conversation to be played; what did Barry really do in Chicago, the friends, the deaths, the clubs, the "church," and etcetera, ad infintum?

Anyway, the biblical proportion thing is, as that mental giant Joe Biden would say, is "literally," not out of line when it comes to Barry's grinning mug being plastered every-
where and anywhere on anything that will stand still long enough to be tattooed. And frankly, I am terminal and exhausted of seeing that arrogant grin every time I see anything that slightly resembles media.

Problem for Barry is, it gives him face recognition, but not name recognition. Is it Barry, Barak, Barack, Davis, Dunham, Soetoro, Smith, Jones, who knows? Got to be very confusing
for all non-thinking Democrats, especially those with no ID's.

What do you want to bet that the Democrats try to put his face on the ballot this November, instead of his alias, thus saving time and thought for those who are obtuse enough to vote Democratic? That is, if there is a November this year.

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