Monday, May 28, 2012

Jon Meacham: Draft Insanity

So, on this Memorial Day, the question had to be asked: should the military draft that hasn't existed in four decades be reinstated?

According to Time Magazine's Jon Meacham, that would be a yes. For the primary reason that if our military was based on the draft, as it was during Vietnam, citizen involvement would increase in our war decision making, and thus the lingering conflicts in the Middle East would have turned out quite differently.

Ehhh, probably not Jon.

Even with a majority of citizens actively opposing the Vietnam War, with full support from Democrat representatives in Congress, didn't cause that conflict to slow down for almost two presidential terms. And considering the War on Terror has received better support over the years, especially in 2004 when we re-elected President Bush based on his war record, it would not have impacted our eventual victory in Iraq.

The only thing that would have resembled Vietnam would be liberals protesting the draft and some of them encouraging draftees to flee the country to Canada, which would reignite another political fight, which I'm sure Mr. Meacham would dread, over the administration (a Republican one no less) taking young men from their homes to die 10,000 miles overseas...

Yeah, I'll pass on that.

Our all-volunteer military is working out just fine, as there is no shortage of young men and women willing to serve in our armed forces, and even the existance of a draft likely wouldn't have impacted our War on Terror at all, since most Americans believe the fight if justified for one reason or another.

Mr. Meacham, you are insane.

What say you?

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