Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Homosexual Question for Obama

The question here is not what he thinks about homosexual marriage, or homosexuals, for that
matter.  The question is, why now?  This lame excuse about "my views were evolving" is
about as bad as "the dog ate my homework."   Or is Barry's case, "I ate the dog while I was
doing my homework."  When were his views evolving?  When the church he attended in
Chicago for twenty years had an ongoing Down Low Club?  When he was a life member in
the Man's Country Bath House?  Wouldn't it have seemed more of a deeply held belief of his
if he had been honest with the country back when he decided to run for the highest office in
the land.  To hold out on the American people for three and a half years, and to now say, "I
am for same sex marriage," presents a problem for him unlike any sitting president has ever
faced.  The real question is, who pressured him into this public, prime time confession?

Barry says he is a Christian.  Okay, okay.  Even people who are not Christian and who do not
believe the Bible to be true know what the Bible has to say about homosexuality.   It is completely
clear that homosexuality is an abomination to God.  We don't even need to discuss that issue, it
is quite plain, time and time again.

Many of us think Barry is a Muslim.  Okay, okay.  Have you checked lately to see what the Muslims
think about homosexuality?  It runs pretty much along the lines of the King James Version.  No
question about it, the Koran is totally against homosexuality.  The language against homosexuality
is as strong in the Koran as the Bible.  So, the question is again, "Why Now?" 

Barack Obama has to know that he just gave the election to Mitt Rommney.  He has to know that
he will be back in Chicago while the snow flies this winter.  Before today, he was looking at a
landslide defeat.  Now, it is certain.  Does he actually think that this country will all suddenly
come out for homosexual marriage?  Does he think that this country will accept what he says as
something worth voting for?

Who pressured him?  Who is black mailing him?  Who decided that it is time for his past to catch
up with him?  That is the question.  The only way we're going to find out is to check the obits.

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