Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A  Good  Week  for  Normal  People

Well, so far, the Memorial weekend has begun a good week for
normal people.  And by normal, I mean the hard working, get up
every morning and do something useful people.  They may not
be in love with what they do, but they do it because they are good
parents, spouses, children, church members, etcetera and etceteree.

Now for the overpaid, arrogant and not too nice people, this week
has not started off so good: 

1.  Serena Williams lost a tennis match at the French Open.  Guess
she is  out.  Normal people say, who cares?  These people who make
a job of playing sports, ooohh, they have it so hard.  Millions and
millions of dollars for hitting a tennis ball.  Go figure. So you lost,
get over it.  Nobody can win all the time.  You kids make more in
a year than normal working people do in a lifetime. 

2.  The now defunct law firm, Dewey & Leboeuf went under and
some real overpaid attorneys lost their situations.  Good.  Who cares?
Here again, arrogant, overpaid lawyers, overcharging clients, most
of the clients being other arrogant overpaid stuffed shirts, these poor
suckers are out of work.  Good, who cares?  While the normal people
are working for between 200 and 800 a week, before taxes, some of
these nitwits at Dewey & Lestupid were making that in an hour, and
double billing at that.  Hahaha -- go get a real job where you build
up instead of tear down.  Again, normal people don't care.  Well,
actually they're happy.  Schnadenfreude,  ha ha, ha ha, good, who

3.   Facebook IPO -- who cares?  You think you can be a billionaire
and make a thousand millionaires by ruining lives across the county
and around the world.  Face it -- Facebook is the devil.  The normal
people who actually work for a living and don't have time to list
their bathroom breaks, stool samples and what they had on their
big mac, plus a daily update of pics of the grandkids, don't have time
for that nonsense, they are too busy working.  So there was fraud
and inside info and all those overpaid, arrogant kids are losing money--
who cares?  We hope all of you lose all of it.

4.  Social media -- 40% of users are thieves and scammers.  LOL,
LMAO.  Likejackers, lifejackers and hackers.  Who cares?  Stop
the insanity and learn to talk to adults, like adults.  Learn to run
a business, face to face, with real customers.  Take some time to
learn what customer service really is.  You know, that's where you
are actually, sincerely nice to normal people.

5.  Oh yeah, one more stuffed shirt, with ketchup on his tie --
John Kerry.  Swiftboating again, eh?  Seems he got him a new
wittle yatchet, $7,000,000 dollars he paid, he did.  Can't afford
to pay taxes in Massachesetts, so he moved it to Rhode Island.
What do these overpaid, arrogant, stuffed shirt think with?
Normal people hope his boat gets blown out to sea, with him
in it.  Seven million dollars, to a working couple living the
domestic life, happy children and a pretty wife, cocker spaniel
always havin'puppies -- John Kerry-- man up and pay your

I guess this Barry Economy is hard on the arrogant, overpaid,
loud, selfish, pompous jackasses in our society too.  Good-
who cares?

Pitch when done...

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