Monday, May 21, 2012

All  Politics  is Chicago

Once again, the phrase coined by Tipsy O'Neill, "All politics is
local," is making the news again.  But today, all politics ain't
local.  Not no more it ain't.  All politics now is Chicago.  Even
the Tipster wouldn't recognize politics today.  Politics is now a
bloodsport where the worst succeed, the liars win, and the killers
divide the spoil.

Those who have dared run for office of late have found to their
utter astoundment and innocent amazement that politics is a very
dirty game.  Whether the office in question is the mayor of a small
town, a county office, or a state or federal office, it is all now part
of a dirty Chicago game.

None of us are naive enough to think for one second that politics
has ever been clean, moral and just.  We haven't been dumbed
down that much yet.  And we all know also that justice is not
served in our political process.  Whether it is a traffic ticket, a
dispute between neighbors, a domestic dispute, a misdemeanor,
a felony, or something real serious; we all can read, we all can
think, and we all know that justice is never handed down
equally --  never.

Justice, and I use the term loosely, is bought and paid for daily,
just  like any other commodity.  The sad truth is, people in power
stay in power by using their power against anyone and everyone
who would challenge them.  And that includes law enforcement,
judges, especially judges, attorneys, county commissioners,
sheriffs; without naming every elected office, in a phrase --  all
of them.

Election laws, especially election laws, have been written and
changed and continue to be written and changed by people in
office who plan on staying in office.

For thousands of years, in every country on earth, people have
been shot, kidnapped, gone missing, died in "accidents," died
from "natural causes," been poisoned --  all in the name of
politics.  But this is America, land of the free and home of the
brave.  Tyrants and dictators and cold blooded killers are for
other, non-civilized countries, right?  Not no more they ain't.

Now, here, when an amateur from another country who never
held a real job in his life, can raise 40 million dollars in one
month, it is impossible to measure the graft, corruption,
mayhem, murder, poisonings, jail sentences handed down, just
to keep others off the ballot.  Only in Chicago, the world head-
quarters of this violent, perverse, heathenish political system,
could this happen and the country looks the other way. 

And while we're on it, why don't they just move the Democratic/
Socialist Convention from North Carolina to Chicago?  It would
seem like old home week, Rahm could be the MC, Jeremiah
Wright could lead the singing and Man's Country could provide
the "entertainment."  But I digress.

Edward Klein, recent author (and still breathing) of the well
written expose of the amateur  in the White House, entitled,
"The Amateur," on page 70, quotes from the Feb 25, 2012
issue of The Economist:

"Chicago...has the dubious distinction of being the federal
district with the most convictions since 1976.  Since then,
1828 elected officials, appointees, government employees
and a few private individuals have been convicted of
corruption in Illinois, and 84% of those were in the Northern
District - a judicial zone which contains the entire Chicago
Metropolitan area.  During this time, around one third of the
city's aldermen have been convicted of corruption.  No mayors
have been convicted or indicted -- not even Bill Thompson,
who was backed by Al Capone."  The Amateur, p. 70

Just because Barry Soetoro is from Chicago/Indonesia is reason
not to vote for him.  Any Chicago politician running for any
office outside Chicago should never be elected to anything.
Keep Chicago corruption inside the city limits, where it
belongs, in the city of slime, crime, death and corruption.

To a man to whom human life means nothing, what if the
first bill he signed was to kill babies around the world? To
that man, what would he care about the life of someone
who gets in his way in politics?

To a man who disdains marriage, and who promotes
homosexual prominence in America, what would he care
about ruining the family of anyone who dares oppose him?

To a man who hates the Constitution of the United States,
what does he care about following any law?

To a man who uses religion for his own selfish political
ambitions, what does he care about right and wrong?  To
Chicago politicians, for whom life, law, right and wrong
have no meaning, what do they care who lives or dies in
their quest for more power?

The days of "one man making a difference," are long gone.
Those with an honest heart, a desire to do good, a desire
to serve our towns, cities, states and country need no longer
apply in politics.  It is life and death now, a blood sport
where the worst succeed, the liars win, and the killers
divide the spoil.

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