Monday, April 09, 2012

Who Pumped Sand and Water Into Matt Damon's Head?

Perhaps you haven't heard, but Matt Damon is making another movie. Called Promised Land it is to take a dramatic look at the "fracking" saga from a decidedly green perspective. A vocal progressive, Matt has not shied away from expressing his views on hydraulic fracturing in the past.

Luckily we on the right have our own voice or reason. Brought to us by Greg Gutfeld of Fox News Channel show 'The Five', we get the enjoyment of a Damon take down of epic proportions.

"Isn't it just a horizontal windmill shattering rocks instead of birds"?

"Well the greenies hate it because it works. "

"I think someone must have pumped sand and water into Damon's head because he certainly exudes enough natural gas to power a small city."
Watch the whole thing and be amazed when resident show progressive Bob Beckel provides his own defense of "fracking".

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  1. Oh boy! Another progressive agenda-driven Matt Damon flick! This will replicate the box office success of 'Green Zone', no doubt!