Monday, April 09, 2012

Syria Fires on Turkish Soil

With the deadline looming for Syria's regime to cease fire and pull out of besieged cities, they did one better - during an intense fire fight near the Syrian-Turkish border, soldiers fired after wounded rebels fleeing to a nearby refugee camp in Turkey and shot several innocent refugees, killing one.

Not only are they rapidly increasing the death toll through violent assaults in various Syrian cities, but they have now violated the sovereignty of Turkey; spilling the blood of innocent refugees and ignoring the many calls, albeit spineless, of world leaders to stay their blades, and stop the unmerciful slaughter.

Turkey is rightfully enraged at the blatant lack of respect for their territorial boundry and the ongoing slaughter of Syria's civilians and the world seems to understand the U.N. plan for cease fire will most likely be ignored, thus leaving weeks of hard work to vain.

World leaders will once again go back to the drawing board, but I'm hoping the rage of Arabs will be so powerful that the only possible response is the immediate arming of the Syrian opposition, and the full weight of Arab-Western militaries coming down to bear on the dispicable Assad regime.

Enough is enough - no more talking with the butchers of Damascus; it's time to fight...

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