Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rubio's Foreign Policy Torch

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), in a speech to the Brookings Institute, defended the ideology of robust American presence in foreign affairs and military intervention against the world's worst characters yesterday afternoon with retiring Senator Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn) introducing him to the attendees.

It has been called the passing of the Neo-Conservative torch from Lieberman, who is retiring after 2+ decades in Washington to Rubio, who is just starting his legislative career. And considering the ideals they share and so willingly espouse on the national stage against their own parties, who can claim otherwise?

And I'm glad it's happening when it is.

With the general election upcoming, in which the discussion of foreign policy will be widespread and vital in Romney's fight against Obama, we need an effective spokesmen advocating for serious, non-negotiable American influence in the world at every stage, and if he's not on the ticket, at least he will be standing on the Senate floor delivering speech after speech substantively defining, and defending all we believe in.

We cannot cede foreign policy to the anti-war radicals in the Democrat Party or the pro-isolationist factions in the Republican Party... but the reasonable men and women who not only acknowledge the existence of pure evil, but also stand up to the face of it and demand it's surrender wherever and at the appropriate juncture, however possible... And Marco Rubio will be our shining light to make the case.

What say you?

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  1. I say it's NOT NeoConnism. And I wish people on the right would stop calling it that.

    It's Hawk Libertarian. NeoCons appease Islamo-Fascism. We libertarians want to fight back, like Rubio.

    NeoCons are weak on foreign policy. Libertarians recognize the threat of the Islamist Nazis.