Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Romney's Inevitable Path

After last night's trifecta of victories for Mitt Romney in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin, the race for the GOP nomination is essentially over and it's statistically impossible for him to not reach the magic number of 1,144 delegates after winning over 90% awarded last night.

And here's why:

With almost half of the delegates awarded thus far, Romney now has 655 in his corner according to the Associated Press, or almost 60% total. Meaning, he only has to win 489, or 42% of the remaining GOP delegates up for grabs to clinch the nomination, while Santorum is three weeks away from elimination.

Then we take into account California, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island and Utah have yet to award delegates - 513 of them - and that Romney will win most of them, without even considering the very possible chance of winning Pennsylvania in three weeks, his path is statistically inevitable.

For the sake of ending this never ending political version of the Hunger Games, and to save resources for the true battle this fall, the three remaining competitors should end their campaigns for the good of the party, and quite frankly, our country before one of them says something that causes harm that can't be reversed...

What say you?

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