Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Obamianic References to Scripture

By John Brentlinger

It is becoming readily apparent that there isn't going to be a free and fair presidential election this year, if there is an election at all. By public design
the campaign staff must give way now to Queen Michelle, who is using messianic scripture: this president has brought us out of darkness and into light, while King Barry sits there grinning like a wino with half a bottle of Ripple. Since they are both kicking up the idea that he is a king, it might be a good time to refresh the subject with another nitwit in history who thought he was king of the world, namely -- Nebuchadnezzar. This guy was so vain, he would have made Warren Beatty blush.

It is true that as a Babylonian king, he had great power and authority, although his means to attain the crown were suspect. He fought with everyone who opposed
him, and conquered them. His life was characterized by pride, violence and fury, directed, of course, at those who dared to defy him.

His policy in war was to remove the inhabitants of the lands which he conquered, and move them to other parts of his empire; sort of gives new meaning to the immigration of foreigners. And of course the punishment for his enemies was death. He had to continually war to keep control of Washington D.C., sorry, meant Jerusalem. By the way, he did build the hanging gardens of Babylon, for his wife, Michelle, oh wait, his wife Amuhia, because it would remind her of where she had been born, uhh, Chicago?

Nebuchadnezzar, which is Mesopatamian slang for Barack, was so filled with pride, that he had some slaves build for him an golden idol, ninety feet high and eighteen feet wide, and of course Republicans, Tea Partyers and other commoners
had to bow down to it. And of course the idol and the bowing was accompanied by rap music. Penalty for not bowing? Death by fire. This guy was so vain.

There came a day when Barack, sorry, Nebuchadnezzar was strolling in the White House, sorry, gardens of Babylon, when he was heard by the White House correspondents to say: "Is not this great Babylon which I have built, by my power
and my majesty?" And before he could stick in his thumb, pull out a plum and say, what a good boy am I, there came a voice from heaven saying--"Your kingdom is departed from you. Why don't you go out in the field and eat grass like a cow."

Historians say that he was stricken with a malady called lycanthropy, in which he fancied himself an animal and acted as such. Sweet, to see the "I am king of the world guy" on all fours eating grass, mooing and wallowing in cow dung. Bet that one will make You-tube.

Queen Michelle might want to remember the verse in Proverbs, "Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall."

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