Friday, April 27, 2012

The North Korean KN-08s Is a Fake... Uh Oh

Earlier this week the North Korean government introduced the KN-08s missiles at the tail end of a parade celebrating the 100th birthday of Kim Il Sung to demonstrate their military prowess.
Don't be scared... It's a
Well, apparently, that missile [pictured above] is a mock-up or an fake according to analysts. The experts discovered several issues with the missile: it has two fuel sources; it doesn't fit the missile launcher correctly; the metal skin is too thin and all of the missiles were designed differently.

Or in other words: they still have jack shit when it comes to missile technology, and we should do whatever we can to prevent them from accidentally succeeding in the near future and posing a real threat to the United States with their limited nuclear weaponry.

But at least it's good to know the North Koreans haven't changed a bit - build missiles that weren't intended to fly in order to scare people about possible missile launches, while encouraging the 5% within the country that actually still believe the government about their strength abroad. Hope and change.

What say you?

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