Wednesday, April 11, 2012

L 'Important, C'est le Gun Show

By John Brentlinger

'Twas reading the other day that Homeland Security has just ordered 450 million (million) rounds of .223 ammo. In addition to that paltry sum, they went ahead and ordered several hundred million (million) rounds of 9mm, possibly supposing that if they run out of rifle ammo, they can just take up pistols and finish the job at hand. Which job, you postulate? Well, it's not the army, so it is probably not for some foreign police action. Maybe they are expecting domestic problems?

Oh, and then I read yesterday about the camps for "belligerents," that the narcissistic nitwit residing in 1600 Pennsylvania avenue wants to build under the name of, get this, The National Defense Authorization Act, which being interpreted means: "detention and imprisonment of "belligerents and terrorists;" which again, being interpreted means any U.S. citizen who won't bow down to this pompous community organizer. (Btw, he hasn't seen community organizing until he sends his goons to round up those who don't bow down to him.)

I see immediate problems with these several scenarios. First of all, 650 million rounds of ammo is not going to be enough to subjugate any group of Americans who have enjoyed liberty for almost 400 years. Remember, 1620 is the target date, and for that long, we have been enjoying doing what we want, going where we please, without having to bow to a tyrant for the privilege. And oh, by the way, who is going to guard all that ammo? Where are they going to keep it? They think we don't know how to forage off the enemy? LOL, this is not our first rodeo.

Secondly, the interrment camps. Many problems exist here. Signed into "law" by the skinny golfer/basketball player/vacationing so called leader of the free world in December 2011, masquerading as NDAA 2012, the "law" has provisions which include building prisons for those who oppose the regime. Problems are many and immediate. Who will build them? Who will man them? Who will protect them? Who will keep family, friends and neighbors from tearing them down as they are being built? How will they feed the belligerent prisoners? How will they keep them from rising up and destroying them? But, the biggest problem I see is, Where will they build them?

Several suggestions come to mind. How about next to the fairgrounds in each county? You know, the fairgrounds where they hold the gun shows once a month. Great idea, that way, they could herd the "belligerents" directly from the gun show right smack into the interrment camps, and they could do it every month, till all of us were "rounded up." Because if there was ever a group of "belligerents" gathered together, it would be at one of our gun shows. Because at the gun show, if there is one name taken in vain, spat out, cursed and used in a derrogatory manner, it is that halfwit masquerading as our president, and almost everyone at the gun show feels the same way.

Oh wait, there might be a problem. The guns, I forgot about the guns. And the beliefs, I forgot about the beliefs. The beliefs you see, are more important than the guns. The beliefs mean that as free Americans, most of our immediate fathers, and their fathers and their fathers fought wars with guns, to insure that their children, that would be us, could live freely and do freely. And since we are fathers who fought wars with guns, and we now have children and grandchildren who we want to live free, we are not about to give up that freedom to anyone, foreign or domestic, oh wait, he's a foreigner. That would explain why he doesn't understand the old adage, Live Free or Die. But is the beliefs he should fear, not the guns. All the guns will do is lend credence to our firmly held belief that we will not be ruled over by a tyrant who wants to make us slaves.

Or, they could build the interrment camps next to a church. That's right, next to a church. Don't mean a mosque, I mean a church. You know, where "belligerents" gather together once a week to worship God freely, without fear of interference by any government radicals checking to see what they believe, or objecting to any interpretation of the Bible. Churches you see, are full of "belligerents." They are full of free Americans who bow only to God. Not to a man, not to a woman, not to a local, state or federal government, and certainly not to any earthly ruler. There is a higher law you see, and if that makes us "belligerents," then we are proud to be classed as a belligerent. Oh wait again, I forgot about the beliefs. And these beliefs which don't mean much to a foreigner, are deeper than the beliefs about the Second Amendment. And if the second ammendment beliefs are serious enough to die for, foreigners have no idea what we will do for our belief in a God who really rules the world.

Or, they could build the camps next to a high school. Then on Friday nights, at the ball games, football or basketball would be the nights when most of the "belligerents" gather, they could round up the usual "belligerents" and escort them directly to the temporary prison camps. But then, here is where the foreigners will really run into a problem. Because now, they won't just be dealing with men who carry guns. Now they will have to deal with mothers of children, mothers who believe in freedom just like their husbands do. And these mothers believe that anyone who touches their child deserves to die, immediately, and painfully. That battle will really make you-tube.

The truth is, the same men and women who go to the gun shows go to church, and they go to the high school ball games. It is the same crowd and they all feel the same way. Four hundred years of freedom, thirteen generations of free people, countless millions of free people for whom freedom is as natural as breathing -- that freedom is not about to be taken away just because some despotic government tinpot dictator decides it is time to enslave everyone, feed them government cheese, make them watch stupid sticoms with canned laughter and stupider national news with canned distress. We may be belligerent, but we are not that stupid.

So, you people at so-called Homeland Security might want to go ahead and double up on your ammuntion orders, and start looking for contractors to build your interrment camps. And you might want to start now to get some security to protect both the camps and the ammo dumps. This one may not be as easy as some of you pompous jackasses in D.C. are thinking. You can talk all you want about belling the cat, but when the day comes, it probably won't be as easy as you think. We may be belligerent, but we're not that dumbed down yet.

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