Friday, April 20, 2012

George Zimmerman Injury Photo

From ABC News:
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  1. In no, way, shape or form does this picture show any indisputable evidence that the accused’s head was repeatedly and violently ‘bashed against a concrete surface’ because if it had there would surely be very visible open gashes/wounds, not merely the rather slight trickling of blood shown.

    Any reasonably intelligent individual has to question the location of the ‘alleged’ wounds, as they are not located in places that would most likely sustain injury from having one’s head struck against a concrete surface while lying down on the ground with someone ‘allegedly’ hovering over i.e. the surfaces protruding most from the skull etc.

    Additionally, where are the medical records, as surely if one’s head had been bashed so brutally/repeatedly against concrete a possible concussion would be of great concern to medical professionals, and how is it that such extreme head trauma/wounds have failed to leave any semblance of external tissue damage/scars (as can be clearly seen via the accused recent court appearance)?

    Nothing about this ‘alleged’ photographic evidence appears to add up to the statements made by the accused.

  2. The person above me is right. That so-called "blood: on Zimmerman's head? Clearly put there by a vampire. The straight line across his head which would indicate being slammed backwards on concrete? Clearly a cosmetic design by lizard-men. The police and medical report confirming the injury? Clearly the Illuminati. Any reasonably intelligent person would see that this is some sort of massive conspiracy.

    1. This is very, very D.I.F.F.I.C.U.L.T. When all happened, it was between 2 men. One is dead today and cannot, will never any more be able to speak. One is still alive and speaks. Then comes the "R" problem : one is Caucasian, the other was African-American in a country still face-to-face with its horrendous past. Whatever the decisions one side will yell against injustice. Let's all drop all passions aside and let the sole justice deal with it. Travyon Martin's death will surely force changes, rules, regulations, laws, as for the circumstances that lead to the fatal encounter with George Zimmerman.

    2. I concur with anonymous, except that Mr. Zimmerman is a Latino and not Caucasian. (Actually, he's both)

  3. How the hell does this not show that his head was hit on the concrete?