Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dershowitz Slams Zimmerman Special Prosecutor - Video

Alan Dershowitz makes his opinions loud and clear when to comes to the case the special prosecutors are making against George Zimmerman in the shooting death of teen Trayvon Martin.  

Hardly a right winged shrill.  

I think it is way too early to make any determinations on guilt or innocence in this case since we have not seen the forensic evidence in this case.  But charging Murder 2 seems like a stretch.  Of course we don't know what they have.  I would like to think that no prosecutor would bring charges they know to be false against any defendant.  If they do, they can be disbarred.  Zimmerman may even be able to sue for damages.  But Dershowitz sure feels like Zimmerman has been overcharged.  

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  1. This is a replay of the Duke Lacrosse Players and, Mike Nifong.
    Corey is Nifong - her motivation is political to appease the racist mobs led by obam and holder1

  2. I am not sure that is true. There is so much we don't know. So many things that have yet to be released. Anyone thinking they understand the evidence or what happened that night is fooling themselves. Very basic information is missing, such as what angle was he shot at, is Zimmerman's blood on the concrete, did Trayvon have any defensive wounds? So many things we don't know. It is irresponsible to say what happened either way.