Thursday, April 19, 2012

Changing the Narrative, Wasserman-Schultz Doesn't Want to Help the Poor

Since I have decided that the only real way to point out to people the stupidity of liberal logic is to turn it around, I am asking the question why doesn't DNC Chairman want to help poor people?  Instead of allowing them to call asking for an ID in order to vote we should be asking them to explain why they don't want to help the poor people who don't have ID's.  According to her 11% of Americans have no valid ID, of which 25% are black .  That would mean that more than 34 million people (8.5 million are black.  Which means she is saying that almost 22% of blacks in this country have no ID) in this country are unable to work, unable to fly, unable to enter many government buildings, unable to open a bank account, and even unable to make a return to major retailer without a receipt.  Since they have no ID or bank account, they must be paying cash.  So the retailers can't look up past receipts.  I had to show ID several weeks ago to make a return to Macy's (I was told today that the poor don't shop at Macy's, well do they shop at Walmart or Target?  They have same policy).  They must be raaaaacist!!!

So the question needs to become why does she hate the poor so much?  What kind of quality of life are these people experiencing without an a valid ID?  Very simple things that most of us take for granted can't be done without one.  I recently carded at a bar when I was out celebrating a friend's birthday.  Sad to say, but I don't look under 21 by a long shot.  

Chairwoman Debbie keeps saying that these are akin to Jim Crow laws and are racist in nature.  She says that there is no issue with voter fraud.  I guess she missed the video of a white kid obtaining a Eric Holder's ballot in Washington, D.C. recently.  I guess she missed the arrests and convictions of ACORN employees too.  But for argument's sake, there is no voter fraud.  Why would states providing  these 34 million people a valid ID to help improve their lives be a bad thing?  Most states will offer these ID's at no charge if you are poor.  In South Carolina, Gov. Nikki Haley funded a program to give ID's at no charge along with free rides to the DMV to get the ID's.  30 people took advantage of it.  Just 30.  This was widely publicized, even making national news.  

No longer allow the question to be why are you so raaaaacist for wanting people to show ID's to vote, ask them why they don't want to help the poor in this country better their lives by having an ID?  No longer allow the far left to dictate the argument.  

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