Thursday, March 08, 2012

Turkey May Send Troops To Syria

With the ongoing conflict in Syria stuck on replay the past couple of weeks: Assad kills more rebels; Arab and Western world sit idly by; U.N. action blocked by China and Russia; no end in sight for the people of Syria, particularly Homs; etc. etc., we have some interesting developments to report.

Turkey's Foreign Minister signaled the administration might seek permission from parliament to send troops into Syria if conditions continue to deteriorate to the point of Turkish national security being endangered. And considering refugees flee to Turkey on a fairly regular basis, that may occur sooner then later.

Besides for Senator John McCain and a few others calling for our military to get off the sidelines and take the fight to Assad in this country, most heads of state and foreign offices have been stressing the need for dialogue with the man who has killed almost 10,000 people without batting an eye, and even Turkey continues to do so, but they are the first to recognize action might be necessary.

You do not negotiate with terrorists, especially someone who is following nearly step-by-step in his father's shoes for how to deal with domestic opposition (read: Hama massacre). You warn them and then you kill them.

What say you?

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