Monday, March 05, 2012

Syria Complains to U.N.


The Syrian Foreign Ministry wrote an official complaint to the United Nations this morning about the reaction to their actions in regards to the one year old uprising in the Arab nation, which they call just plain old domestic terrorism and ask why the world would condemn them for defending their country.

Within the complaint the regime actually said they were fighting back to defend innocent civilians, as more refugees flooded neighboring Syrian towns from the besiged City of Homs. And the latest U.N. report on the Syrnian crisis has the civilian death toll at 7,500 and rising, while the western world sits, horrified, and does nothing.

This complaint, which should be returned to the rogue regime with "you are the terrorists" written on several margins, especially next to any claim of them protecting civilian life, comes as Iran is sending the Assad regime even more weapons, and Russia continues to stand with their old ally.

I am purely disgusted at this entire situation. Almost 10,000 civilians dead, including an American journalist, and the world does absolutely nothing to stop the bloodshed. They are hindered by U.N. rules China and Russia are using to prevent official action, and general uselessness of western and arab governments to act.

What say you?

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  1. Instead of the "you are the terrorists" line, how about Ike's response to the Germans, "Nuts"?