Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Super Tuesday Results

UPDATE (9:38 PM):

Cavuto just said we don't know where the results are coming out of Ohio. I guess he doesn't have people reading the New York Times website, which has county-by-county results.

UPDATE (9:29 PM):

Santorum's big counties in Ohio are reporting close to 50% or more, while Romney's vote centers have reported less then 5%. This is going to be a long night.

Santorum - 39%
Romney - 35.7%
Gingrich - 15.1%

UPDATE (9:25 PM)

While Santorum speaks in Ohio, he leads in North Dakota with 4% of precints reporting - Santorum 52.4%; Paul 21.1%; Romney 15.2%; Gingrich 11.3%.

UPDATE (9:20 PM)

Oklahoma: Santorum - 34%; Gingrich 27%; Romney 27%. The closeness of Oklahoma's primary is very interesting, although Santorum is the projected victor.

UPDATE (9:17 PM):

While we await three caucus states, Ohio is slowly reporting their anticipated results, which show the two candidates split by just six thousand votes.

UPDATE (9:12 PM):

Ohio: Santorum - 38.4%; Romney - 36.6%.
Oklahoma: Santorum - 34.4%; Gingrich 27.4%

UPDATE (9:00 PM):

Ohio: Romney - 75,706, 37.8%; Santorum - 75,688, 37.8%

The Idaho Caucuses have begun.

UPDATE (8:57 PM):

Oklahoma is getting interesting... Gingrich is slowly gaining votes, while Santorum is losing them, and Romney just sits around 28%.

UPDATE (8:52 PM):

Ohio: Romney - 38.9%; Santorum - 37.6%; Gingrich - 14.6%
Oklahoma: Santorum 36.8%; Romney 27.2%; Gingrich 25.1%

UPDATE (8:48 PM):

Gingrich is going step by step through the entire 2012 primary process right now after his big win in Georgia, which reveals the interesting fact he has won only 2 of the first 20 states...

UPDATE (8:46 PM):

Romney is leading in the vote rich cities of Cinncinnati, Cleveland and Columbus, while Santorum's gaining rural counties.

Romney - 39.2%; Santorum 37.5%; Gingrich 14.6%

UPDATE (8:44 PM):

Gingrich is now speaking in Atlanta, while the race tightens in Ohio between Romney and Santorum.

UPDATE (8:41 PM):

Fox News is projecting Tennessee for Santorum. Quite interesting.

UPDATE (8:39 PM):

189 Republicans have voted for Jon Huntsman in Vermont.. Why?

UPDATE (8:35 PM):

Ohio (9%) - Romney 41%; Santorum 36.3%; Gingrich 14.5%.
Oklahoma (2%) - Santorum 37%; Romney 29%; Gingrich 23%.

UPDATE (8:30 PM):

Romney leads with 72% in Massachusetts; 59% in Virginia and 42% in Ohio, while Santorum has near 40% in both Oklahoma and Tennessee.

UPDATE (8:27 PM):

Santorum is doing well in both Oklahoma and Tennessee, but like Romney's early lead out of Ohio, less then one percent of precincts have reported.

UPDATE (8:22 PM):

Some results from the various states:

Georgia (10%) - Gingrich 47.2%; Santorum 24.1%; Romney 22.7%.
Ohio (1%) - Romney 39.6%; Santorum 37.6%; Gingrich 15.1%.
Vermont (19%) - Romney 38.7%; Paul 27%; Santorum 24.1%.

UPDATE (8:19 PM):

Ohio (1% reporting) - Romney 39.6%; Santorum 37.3%, Gingrich 15.1%; Paul 6.5%

UPDATE (8:13 PM):

Caucuses in Alaska and North Dakota have started, but we are hours away from actual results. The contests that have concluded, such as Ohio and Tennessee, are slow to report this evening.

UPDATE (8:10 PM):

Ohio results - Santorum 38.4%; Romney 37.6%; Gingrich 15.5%. Under 1% of precincts reporting.

UPDATE (8:07 PM):

Add "critical" to the drunk-blogging game... Fox is projecting Oklahoma for Rick Santorum, so all three main candidates have at least one state in their column tonight.

UPDATE (8:03 PM):

Fox News is projecting Massachusetts for Romney, which shouldn't be surprising to anyone. Ohio, with negative 1 percent reporting: Santorum 38.3%; Romney 38%; Gingrich 15.1%

UPDATE (7:59 PM):

Polls are closing in Massachusetts, Oklahoma and in most of Tennessee, while we are starting to see results come in from Ohio.

UPDATE (7:57 PM):

Results are coming in from Ohio (<1% reporting) - Romney 38.6%; Santorum 37.1%; Gingrich 16%

UPDATE (7:54 PM):

1.8% of Republicans still support Jon Huntsman in Vermont.

UPDATE (7:52 PM):

Delegates will be awarded proportionally to all candidates receiving at least 20% in most states tonight, so keep that in mind when calculating how everyone is doing delegate wise.

UPDATE (7:46 PM):

Note: 419 delegates will be awarded in tonight's 10 contests. Ohio is the biggest prize at 66 and Vermont has the smallest give out at 17.

UPDATE (7:40 PM):

Paul's strong showing in Virginia is impressive, but the vote rich areas of Norfolk and Richmond have yet to report in, which will put a dent in his overall vote percentage.

UPDATE (7:35 PM):

While results in Georgia and Vermont are slowly come in, Virginia has nearly 20% of precincts in - Romney 58%; Paul 42%. Awaiting Ohio...

UPDATE (7:30 PM):

Fox is projecting Vermont for Romney (Pundit Press readers not surprised) and polls are now closed in Ohio.

UPDATE (7:27 PM):

Here are some early results:

Georgia (1% reporting) - Gingrich 39%; Santorum 31.5%; Romney 23.6%; Paul 4.8%

Vermont (1% reporting) - Romney 33.1%; Santorum 31%; Paul 27.5%; Gingrich 7%

Virginia (6% reporting) - Romney 59.2%; Paul 40.8%

UPDATE (7:20 PM):

Fox is projecting Romney has won Virginia. I'm sure everyone was on the edge of their seat...

UPDATE (7:15 PM):

This is going to be a long night, so if you need to eat, drink, or get some alcohol for every time someone mentions "its too close to call," I would suggest doing so now.

UPDATE (7:11 PM):

Fox apparently believes Romney's forty point lead in late Virginia polls does not warrant an immediate call.

UPDATE (7:03 PM):

Polls are now closed in Georgia, Vermont and Virginia. It's safe to project Newt Gingrich has won Georgia, while Mitt Romney has won Vermont and Virginia. We will publish results as they come in.

UPDATE (6:56 PM):

Projections will be made in Georgia, Vermont and Virginia as soon as polls close at 7 eastern time, due to poll and historical trends.

-- Original Article --

Polls are about to close in Georgia, Vermont and Virginia - followed shortly by Ohio and Tennessee. I, and my fellow co-bloggers will be covering the results from all Super Tuesday states tonight. Delegate counts, projections, live results will be posted through-out the evening.

This article will be updated frequently.

Stay tuned.

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