Friday, March 02, 2012

Romney Leads in Washington

HT: Politico

The Michigan bounce is real. Just forty-eight hours after the nation woke up to Mitt Romney's major victory in Michigan and Santorum's attempt to claim he still won, even though he didn't, Washington Republicans have been swept up by Mittmentum - what was an eleven point deficit yesterday, is now him leading by five.

Public Policy Polling:

Romney - 37%.
Santorum - 32%.
Ron Paul - 16%.
Gingrich - 13%.

Both Romney and Paul are campaigning in the state today in hopes of gaining the straw poll votes of an estimated 25,000-40,000 Republicans tomorrow afternoon, which will be a state record for caucus turnout. However, Romney's late momentum will probably seal the deal for his campaign and a good chunk of the 43 delegates at stake.

Only time will tell, but I'm confident of Romney's forth consecutive victory in the Republican race in Washington tomorrow afternoon.

What say you?

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