Thursday, March 01, 2012

Onward to Washington

Before we jump aboard the Super Tuesday express and literally explode our minds with following 10 states at once, let's slow down and remember the good Republican electorate of Washington has their voice heard on Saturday, and that 43 delegates are up grabs in the first north-west state to vote.

The last poll on the state of the race in Washington was taken nine days ago by Public Policy Polling, which showed Santorum with a commanding eleven point lead over Romney. However, with Romney rocketing to a 16 point lead in Rasmussen's latest national poll released this morning, it's very likely they race is much closer in Washington today.

GOP officials are expecting over 25,000 voters to attend local caucuses this weekend to take part in a non-binding straw poll and the beginning of the process of electing delegates to the convention. With three of four candidates planning to campaign in the state Friday, things could get interesting.

We have no historical basis for what may occur this time, as Romney dropped out of the race just two days before the 2008 caucuses, but Ron Paul was able to grab 21% of the vote and 5 delegates against McCain and Huckabee, so that is something to consider when looking at Saturday's vote.

I don't know who will win Washington's Republican caucuses Saturday, but it will be interesting never-the-less to follow this race to its quick conclusion.

What say you?


  1. Literally explode our minds?

    What the hell?

  2. Intrade, a prediction market that includes political predictions in U.S. politics, indicates at present a 70% likelihood that Romney will win Washington state. That percentage makes sense to me.