Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ohio: Mandel Ties Brown

HT: Rasmussen Reports

After decisively claiming the Republican nomination earlier this month, State Treasurer Josh Mandel has now tied incumbent Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Oh) in the latest Rasmussen Reports survey of 500 likely voters in the vital senatorial race that could very well sway the balance of power this November.

Mandel (R) - 43%
Brown (D) - 43%
Don't know - 11%
Someone else - 3%

Mandel, a former Marine Reservist who served two tours of duty in Iraq and who is the grandson of two Holocaust survivors, is best known for his outspoken support of Israel and his strong conservative ideals both in, and out of government. He was uniformly supported before the primary by Republican officials and Conservative interest groups.

The Ohio race is going to be vital in the horse race between Democrats struggling to hang on to their now six year hold over the Senate and Republicans regaining complete control of the legislature to be of service to either the new president, or defying the current one. And this poll shows us just how close it will be this November.

Keep your eye on this race.

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