Friday, March 02, 2012

My Prediction for the Secret Obama Tapes

With the conservative world still mourning Andrew Breitbart, one of his confidantes stated yesterday that Breitbart's plan of releasing tapes of a young Barack Obama would go on. As he told Sean Hannity last night, the tapes will be released in a week to ten days.

So what's going to be on these tapes?

I had a chance to peruse the HotAir comments and some common themes keep surfacing:

- Radical racial rhetoric.
- Radical Marxist rhetoric.
- Film of Obama with Bill Ayers or Bernie Dohrn.
- Film of Obama during his 1980s trip to Pakistan.

While any of these are certainly possible, the question has to come up. How much personal information about Obama's life was videotaped in the 1980s? Sure, some of his friends may have viedeotaped a young idealist-- but those tapes would likely not be available, even today.

Unfortunately for the righty blogs, including our own, I don't think there will be anything spectacular. Likely it's a lefty professor spouting some Marxist nonsense and a 22-year old Obama looking on in a crowd of 50-500, nodding his head. Or maybe it's him attending a liberation theology church. I just don't see where the major keystone comes in here.

Think about what Obama has stated he's done:

- Spent 20 years in Reverend Wright's church
- Used cocaine
- Spent time with Marxist students and professors

What beyond this would truly be so shocking?


Barack Obama was a Young Republican!!!!!! /s

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  1. There may be a "vetting" of a very personal nature. As in we have never heard from any old romantic interests. Perhaps we will have visual confirmation of a significant other from the past.

  2. I heard that the tapes will show that Obama was a CANNIBAL!

    1. We already know that he is eating up your liberty!

  3. Maybe they show Larry Sinclair providing a "study break" to Obama.

  4. gotta remember,it is Brietbart.....he would not put out garbage....we will have to wait and see I guess...

  5. Breitbart usually was on target with how he advertised things.

    I guess I would agree that it isn't anything way over the top, because honestly if it were it would be better to release in October when they have little to no time to recover before election day.

    I disagree that him being on tape saying something along the lines of he is a marxist is damaging. There are still plenty of people out there who still refuse to see it.