Thursday, March 08, 2012

Moscow Reformists Gain Some Power

HT: New York Times

Russian history is depressing: Tsar's ruled the country with an iron fist for several hundred years, communists destroyed the country's spirit for nearly one hundred years, bringing eastern Europe's existence to record suffering, while the past two decades have witnessed the country being run by Vladimir Putin, former KGB officer.

However, there might be some positive news to report.

While Putin was once again elected to the presidency, defeating his opponents by large margins, numerous anti-kremlin independents were elected to local councils all across Moscow - bringing something unique to the seat of Russian power - reformist ideals. and power to young people not associated with Putin, or communism.

Sure, being elected to local councils limits their power to park benches, zoning and maybe some government reforms, but it's a major step in Russia. If young Moscovites, who protested against Putin's government in below zero weather and had no political backing whatsoever, can get onto council boards, then maybe one day parliament is possible.

Maybe one day real reformist-minded candidates reach power, then maybe the power of the state starts to trickle down the politioburo to the citizen, and maybe one day Russia will end their long tyrannical nightmare.

For the sake of Russia, lets hope this trend continues and that Putin opponents don't mysteriously disappear, but that they set a fire of reform and, yes, even liberty in Russia.

What say you?

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