Monday, February 20, 2012

VA Senate Votes to Drug Test Welfare Applicants

It's about time. Let's see if the Virginia House will pass it, too.

Sen. Steve Martin of Chesterfield County said his bill would ensure that welfare money is being spent to support families and children. His bill would require an initial drug screening of applicants, followed by drug testing if officials suspected illegal drug use. Anyone testing positive could lose benefits for a year.

And opponentsa are none too pleased.

Opponents argued the bill offends the dignity of welfare recipients and incorrectly assumes they use drugs more than the general population. They also said the state would spend more on testing than it would save.

Awww... needing to do something reasonable for free money from other people? An outrage!

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  1. History shows that this does not save any money. It was recently done in Florida. Out of the 96% that took the test less then 2% failed. Who knows if the other 4% would have failed or just didn't know that they had to take the tests before being cut off.

    There is no direct correlation between welfare and drug use.

    The problems with welfare is far more complicated then this. We need to find a way to ween them off gradually. Instead if they make $5 too much in a month they cut off completely, we should start a program that prorates it so they can get on their feet. In the end, that would save way more than cutting off the very small percentage that use drugs.

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  3. This is the logical consequence of Government programs, next thing you know, they will require a G.E.D.