Friday, February 03, 2012

Surprise! Iran Using Occupy Wall Street Slogans

A lot has been written about the nexus of Islamist ideology and the far left in America and Europe. With pressure mounting on the Islamic Republic of Iran, it's not surprising that the theocracy would use the slogans of the American left to protest American intervention in the Middle East.

But exactly?

Take a look at this picture from Reuters from November. Read the placard. Look familiar?

Just in case you can't read the protest sign it says:
Wall Street %99. Down with USA.
That doesn't sound familiar, does it?

What about this one from the UPI showing a protest in Iran:

And of course, the supreme Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is a big fan, as well:
Khamenei noted that the U.S. government will not be able to eliminate this movement’s roots and that the realities of the capitalist system should be a lesson for those following the Western capitalist system. He even went on to say, “The roots of this movement will grow in such a way that will knock the U.S. and Western capitalist system to the ground. … The people of the United States are protesting the rule of the 1 percent minority over the 99 percent majority who have spent the money and taxes paid by the people of the United States on waging wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and supporting the Zionist regime.”
And as Jim Hoft reported in October, the Iranian militia the Basij even started an Occupy website to counter the "Zionist media."

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