Monday, February 27, 2012

SEALs Claim Box Office Victory

The nationwide release of Act of Valor resulted in the eight U.S. Navy SEAL's who acted their roles defeating the latest, and not so greatest, movies out of Hollywood and coming out victorious in both money per theatre ($8,054) and the weekend ($24,476,632).

Tyler Perry's Good Deeds was the closest competitor at just $15 million.

I have not seen the movie yet, but I've been rooting for its success ever since I learned of the role our heroic, and often under-valued SEAL's have in this, from what I've seen regular people say (not New York, or LA film snobs), exceptional war film. And the greatest thing is that they doubled the money spent making the film already...

Congratulations to the creators, actors and SEAL's who came together and brought us this film. I am hopeful this astonishing upset in the box office will lead to more pro-military films coming to cinema's nationwide, or at the least finally end the Hollywood legacy of anti-military ideological skits for good.

What say you?

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